Everything You Need to Know About NBA 2K23 Badges

In NBA 2K23, whether it is to create excellent frontcourt players or backcourt players, you must pay attention to and understand the badge system. By mastering each badge's specific content and function, you can improve the attributes of MyPlayer and create excellent players. In this article, we've rounded up everything you need to know about NBA 2K23 badges.





There are four badges in NBA 2K23: Finishing Badge, Shooting Badge, Playmaking BadgeDefense/Rebounding Badge. There are 16 badges for each type. Please refer to the list below for the specific badge list!

  • Finishing Badge: This is the type of badge that improves a player's scoring ability when rushing to the basket. It increases chances for layups and dunks, allows for more effective use of fancy dribble moves, and gives players more control when dealing with rim contact.
  • Shooting Badge: This is a type of badge that increases a player's shooting ability. It increases a player's shooting accuracy, range, hitting IQ and release speed. It also enables players to dribble or shoot in catch-and-shoot situations.
  • Playmaking Badge: This badge improves the user's ability to pass the ball, organize teammates and create scoring opportunities. This badge also improves the user's ability to break past defenders off the dribble and create high hits for themselves and their teammates.
  • Defense/Rebounding Badge: This is the type of badge that improves a player's rebounding, stealing and shot-blocking abilities. Giving players a better chance of being in the right position to defend is a big help for players who specialize in defense or want to improve their defensive ability and awareness.


How to equip, change and remove badges in NBA 2K23?

After understanding the function of each Finishing Badge in NBA 2K23, let's take a look at how to equip, replace and delete Finishing Badges:


Equip and replace the Finishing Badge Step:

  • Enter the MyCareer mode, find the MyPlayer that needs to be equipped and replaced
  • Select the badge from the MyPlayer screen
  • Select and equip the badge option of your choice from the badge category

Remove Finishing Badges Step:

  • In MyCareer mode, go to your MyPlayer
  • Find the Build Player Badges section
  • Select the badge you want to delete
  • See if it disappears from the screen to ensure badge removal


What is the mechanism of the badges in NBA 2K23?

In the next-gen, badges are divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The first tier represents the most basic level; while the badges on tiers 2 and 3 are more powerful, the required badge points differ. Tier 1 are least powerful and least effective, while Tier 3 are Elite badge but costs more.

In the current gen, badges are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. Finding the best placement for the badge is an important decision in determining player build and style.


How to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K23?

Unlocking badges need to be unlocked through skill points of each category, and these skill points will be converted into badge points to unlock badges of the corresponding category.

Earning badge points can be used to unlock badges for each skill category. There are 16 badges per attribute category, 8 badges for tier 1 and 4 badges for both tiers 2 and 3.


How to Upgrade Badges in NBA 2K23?

To upgrade badges in 2K23, the first thing you need to do is increase badge points. Get more badge points to upgrade the badge level. According to the performance in the game, to determine different types of badge points.

Different types of badges, through different performances in the game (such as outside scoring performance, inside scoring performance, assist performance, and defense/rebound performance), obtain corresponding badge points.


How to get the Hall of Fame badge in NBA 2K23?

The Hall of Fame badge is the highest-level badge and has the most attributes. To upgrade to the Hall of Fame badge, you must pay attention to it. Badges require the lowest skill attributes to obtain the Hall of Fame level. You can upgrade to the hall of fame badge of the corresponding category when the skill attribute is reached.

Therefore, if you want to obtain hall badges of different categories, you first need to upgrade the corresponding skill level.


How to equip the best badge in NBA 2K23 in NBA 2K23?

There is no best badge in 2K23. Which badge to choose depends on your preferences and your style. The following are the badge configuration schemes we recommend. You can refer to the badge configuration schemes below to equip your badges to build your ideal player!


Best Finishing Badge

Tier 1:

  • Post Spin Technician(Silver)
  • Bully(Silver)
  • Pro Touch(Bronze)
  • Masher(Bronze)

Tier 2:

  • Posterizer(Gold)
  • Limitless Takeoff(Gold)
  • Giant Slayer(Gold)
  • Rise Up(Gold)

Tier 3:

  • Slithery(HoF)
  • Fast Twitch(HoF)
  • Fearless Finisher(Gold)


Best Shooting Badges

Tier 1:

  • Amped(Silver)
  • Comeback Kid(Silver)
  • Middy Magician(Silver)
  • Corner Specialist(Bronze)
  • Guard Up(Bronze)

Tier 2:

  • Catch & Shoot(Gold)
  • Blinders(Gold)
  • Claymore(Sliver)
  • Deadeye(Silver)

Tier 3:

  • Limitless Range(HoF)
  • Agent 3(HoF)
  • Green Machine(HoF)
  • Volume Shooter(Gold)
  • Space Creator(Gold)


Best Playmaking Badges

Tier 1:

  • Unpluckable(Silver)
  • Floor General(Silver)
  • Dimer(Silver)

Tier 2:

  • Bail Out(Gold)
  • Hyperdrive(Gold)
  • Needle Threader(Gold)
  • Killer Combos(Silver)

Tier 3:

  • Quick First Step(HoF)
  • Clamp Breaker(HoF)
  • Break Starter(HoF)
  • Handles for Days(Gold)


Defense/Rebounding Badges

Tier 1:

  • Pogo Stick(Silver)

Tier 2:

  • Brick Wall(Gold)
  • Boxout Beast(Gold)
  • Pick Dodger(Gold)

Tier 3:

  • Anchor(HoF)
  • Challenger(HoF)
  • Glove(HoF)
  • Clamps(HoF)



Knowing which badges to equip and how to earn them is essential for any player looking to dominate the court. Only by fully understanding and mastering the detailed content of each badge can you equip the players you build with suitable badges.

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