NBA 2K23 Defense/Rebounding Badges: Tests & Analysis

Welcome to the NBA 2K23 Defense/Rebounding Tests and Analysis Guide! You'll find everything you need to test and analyze your defensive and rebounding skills here effectively. We will look at various drills, techniques, and tips to help you become a more effective defender and rebounder. We'll also examine the different stats and metrics used to measure your performance and provide you with an in-depth analysis of your results. With this guide, you can take your game to the next level and become one of the best players in the virtual world.






It allows players to become more consistent shooters and lockdown defenders. Anchor Badges bestow players with improved defensive capabilities, allowing them to box out opponents and stay in their defensive stance longer. 

On the offensive side, they provide quicker releases, more reliable jump shots, and increased ball confidence. Anchor Badges are essential for any player looking to maximize their impact on both ends of the court.



Ankle Braces

This badge gives a bonus to players who have it, allowing them to move more quickly and reduce the risk of ankle injuries. The badge also increases players' ability to make quick cuts and direction changes, making them more agile on the court. 


Beyond this, Ankle Braces also help players to remain balanced as they move, which is essential for making accurate shots and getting into position on defense. Players with this badge can move more freely on the court and gain an advantage over their opponents.



Boxout Beast

It rewards players for their ability to dominate the boards. When equipped, it increases the user's rebounding and putback layup and dunk ratings. The badge also boosts the chance of getting an offensive rebound after a missed shot, allowing for more second-chance points. 

In addition, it increases the user's defensive awareness when boxing out opponents, making them less likely to be beaten off the glass. With Boxout Beast, players can become a virtual vacuum on the boards and maximize their potential as a rebounder.



Brick Wall

It allows the user to defend the ball handler better when defending one-on-one situations. This badge increases a player's strength and size, effectively preventing their opponents from driving to the basket. The Brick Wall badge also gives players more stability when taking contact, which helps them stay on their feet when being hit by a larger opponent. 

With this badge, players will be much tougher to move off their spot and have the potential to stop their opponents' drives instantly. The Brick Wall badge is a great badge for any player who wants to be a lockdown defender and make life difficult for the opposition.




Challenger Badge is a great way to increase your player's abilities and improve them on the court. The Challenger Badge is one of the most sought-after badges, and it provides a significant boost to your player's overall stats. 

The Challenger Badge increases several important attributes, including, but not limited to, vertical, sprint speed, acceleration, and strength. It also adds a few points to your base defensive and offensive ratings. The badge is especially useful if you want to create a powerful two-way player that can dominate both ends of the court.


You must complete a series of in-game challenges to unlock the Challenger Badge. These challenges require executing certain moves or plays, such as taking a jump shot from the top of the key or finishing an alley-oop dunk. Once all the challenges have been completed, the Challenger Badge will be unlocked.



Chase Down Artist

It rewards players for their ability to chase down and block shots from behind. The badge was introduced in NBA 2K17 and has been in all titles since then. This badge considers factors such as anticipation, defensive awareness, and reaction time when assessing a player's success at chasing down shots from behind. Players who consistently perform well in these areas will be rewarded with a higher rating for the badge. 


Chase Down Artist badge gives players a huge boost in defensive awareness when playing against opponents who rely heavily on driving to the basket or shooting off the dribble. This badge also helps players recover on defense faster if they get beaten off the dribble, allowing them to block shots they would have been unable to reach otherwise.




It increases players' ability to stay in front of their opponent and limit their offensive production. When equipped, clamps give the player an increased ability to stay close to their opponent and better defend them, allowing for improved defensive play. 

This badge is most beneficial for players who guard the ball well and have a knack for defending against dribble penetration. The higher the Rating of the badge, the more effective it is in limiting the effectiveness of an offensive player. Clamps are an essential badge for any aspiring lockdown defender, and can be a huge advantage when used effectively.




It increases the effectiveness of the on-ball defender. It gives the player higher defensive ratings, improved ability to stay in front of the ball handler, and increased defensive awareness. The badge is available for all players and requires an overall rating of 80 or higher to unlock. 

To increase the effectiveness of the Glove badge, players must complete a set of challenges. Each tier has its own challenges, which involve forcing turnovers, blocking shots, and defending without fouling. Completing these challenges will increase the player's Defensive Rating, making them more effective at defending the ball handler. 




It increases the ability of a player to intercept passes. This badge gives players the ability to anticipate and jump passing lanes, as well as steal the ball from opponents more often. It also improves players' chances of tipping passes or getting their hands on loose balls. 


Interceptor is especially effective for point guards and wings looking to create offense off turnovers. This badge can make defenders almost impossible to pass by when fully upgraded.




The Menace badge is a great choice for players who want to be disruptive on the defensive end of the floor. It increases the chance of successfully stealing or blocking shots. When activated, it also improves the chances of getting into passing lanes and turning over possessions. 

Menace will help your player get into the proper defensive position more quickly and increase overall defensive awareness. With the Menace badge, you can give your team an edge in the defensive game.



Off-Ball Pest

It rewards players for consistently applying pressure to their opponents off the ball. Players with this badge will easily contest shots and steal the ball from opponents. 


Off-Ball Pest badge also increases the likelihood of opponents having a turnover when being guarded by a player with this badge. This badge is great for players who want to be active on defense and create turnovers, as it will help them do that.



Pick Dodger

This badge allows players to quickly manoeuvre around screens and stay in front of their opponent. It is especially helpful for guards and wings when defending against opponents who use a lot of screens and pick-and-rolls. 

Players with Pick Dodger will be more likely to stay in front of their man, resulting in more contested shots and turnovers. This badge is great for defensive-minded players as it can help them contain their matchup better.



Pogo Stick

It rewards players for their ability to quickly get off the ground and stay in the air for an extended period. With this badge, players will receive a boost to their Vertical and Quickness stats when jumping, allowing them to reach new heights and move faster. 

Pogo Stick also increases the player's chances of grabbing a rebound or blocking shots. Players must earn 80 Rebounding Badges and 20 Block Badges to unlock Pogo Stick. This badge can make a huge difference in the game, so if you're looking to take your game to the next level, this is one badge you'll want to invest in!



Post Lockdown

This badge gives players additional control over their opponents, allowing them to remain active and aggressive while on defense. Players will be rewarded for staying near their opponent, locking them down, and preventing them from driving or shooting. 


Post Lockdown Badge also offers a variety of defensive benefits, such as improved lateral quickness, increased defensive awareness, improved defensive reactions, and defensive rebounding. Players who focus on this badge can become elite defenders, capable of effectively defending any position on the court. With the Post Lockdown Badge, NBA 2K players can finally take their game to the next level.



Rebound Chaser

It rewards players for their tenacity and commitment to securing rebounds. The badge increases the effectiveness of boxouts, allowing your player to position themselves quickly between the ball and an opposing player, giving you a better chance of snagging the rebound. 


Rebound Chaser also decreases the effectiveness of opposing boxouts, making it easier to gain control of the ball after a miss. With this badge, players can expect to snag more rebounds and be more successful on the glass.



Work Horse

It rewards players who consistently put in the extra effort. Players with this badge will have improved stamina and fatigue recovery, allowing them to stay on the court longer and maintain their performance. This badge also gives players increased rebounding and boxing out, further enhancing their ability to compete at a high level for extended periods. 


Work Horse can be earned by playing through the entire game with high energy, crashing the boards, and making hustle play on both sides of the ball. Players who earn this badge will be rewarded with a boost to their overall stats, making them even more valuable to their team.


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