NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges Guide: Tests & Analysis

Welcome to NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges Tests & Analysis Guide. This guide will provide an in-depth look at the shooting badges and how they can impact your game. We will give you tests and analysis of each badge, its effects on scoring and shooting percentage, and tips and tricks for improving your shooting skills. This guide can take your game to the next level and ensure you get the most out of your shooting badges in NBA 2K23.




Agent 3

Grants players improved shooting and dribbling when activated. This badge has become a staple for many players looking to get an edge on their opponents. 

Agent 3 improves players' ability to score from all court areas, including three-pointers, mid-range jumpers, and layups. Players will also benefit from increased ball control when using this badge, allowing them to pull off more advanced moves like crossovers, spin moves, and more. With Agent 3, players can quickly break down their opponents while also having more accuracy when shooting. This badge is perfect for any player looking to improve their offensive game and take their play to the next level.




Allows users to gain an advantage over their opponents. This badge system increases players' abilities, such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Players can earn badges for each category by completing certain tasks or challenges in-game. 

Amped badge can be earned by completing numerous tasks, including blocking shots, dishing out assists, grabbing steals, and making clutch shots. These abilities are enhanced when the badge is equipped and can significantly impact a game's outcome. With the Amped badge, players will have the edge they need to take their game to the next level.





Give players increased defensive awareness and the ability to react quickly to offensive plays. It increases the player's peripheral vision, allowing them to anticipate their opponent's movements better and pick up on small details. 

Blinders badge can be earned by playing defense for at least fifteen minutes per game throughout five matches. Blinders grants the player a +6 bonus to Defensive Awareness when maxed out. With this badge, players can better anticipate opponents' dribble moves, passing lanes, and shots, enabling them to make quick, effective defensive plays.



Catch and Shoot


Give players an increased chance at making shots when catching the ball from a pass. It allows them to shoot quickly with accuracy, regardless of their shooting base. 

The badge has three tiers, each increasing the shot's effectiveness when catching and shooting. Tier 1 grants a moderate boost in shooting percentage, while tier 2 increases shooting percentage significantly more. Tier 3 gives the greatest boost, giving players nearly perfect accuracy when catching and shooting. This badge is useful for shooting guards and forwards specialising in catch-and-shoot situations. It allows them to stay in position and be ready to take a shot when their teammate passes them the ball.





Allows players to initiate contact with opponents while dribbling and driving. It also makes it easier to maintain ball control while under pressure. Players with this badge can fight through screens, beat their opponents off the dribble and create space when needed. 

Additionally, they can absorb contact without losing the ball or blocking their shot. Claymore is an incredibly valuable badge for any player who likes to get to the basket, whether a guard or post player.



Clutch Shooter


Rewards players for scoring in clutch moments. This badge boosts a player's ability to make shots when the game is close, and the pressure is high. It increases a player's shooting attributes, including mid-range accuracy, three-point accuracy, foul shot accuracy, and post-hook accuracy. 


Clutch Shooter is especially helpful for players playing in tight games or trying to pull off a comeback victory. Players can hit big shots more consistently with this badge and help their team come out on top.



Comeback Kid


Rewards players for making clutch shots late in the fourth quarter. This badge increases shooting attributes such as accuracy and speed after making a comeback-type shot. It also increases the player's confidence level, giving them more chances to make important shots with time running out. 

Comeback Kid badge is an important tool for any player looking to make a game-winning shot or take their team over the top in the final minutes of a close game. With this badge, players can stay cool under pressure and make plays when it matters most.



Corner Specialist


Increases the shooting efficiency of shots taken from the corner. This badge is especially beneficial for players who like to play an off-ball style, as it helps them make more shots from deep. 

Corner Specialist allows players to make shots from the left and right corners and from the top of the key. It also improves their shot accuracy from those areas of the court. Players with this badge can make shots more consistently, even when they are tightly defended. This badge is great for players who want to take advantage of the spacing in the corner three-point line and excel in off-ball situations.





It helps players who play the Corner Specialist role to make more accurate shots. This badge increases the chance of making a contested shot when shooting from the corners and the amount of time the ball stays on target after releasing it. 

Deadeye also improves shot accuracy for midrange, three-point, and deep threes when shooting off the dribble. Players with this badge equipped will have an easier time hitting the big shots when their team needs them most. This badge is especially useful for sharpshooters that like to take shots from the corner.



Green Machine


Players with this badge will have improved shooting accuracy when making quick passes and shots off the catch. They also have increased chances of hitting shots from beyond the arc while on a hot streak. This badge is perfect for players who want to be a reliable shooter off the bench or as a spot-up shooter. 

With the Green Machine badge, players can knock down shots more consistently and accurately, even when the defense is closing out hard. It is especially useful for those looking to become sharpshooters in the NBA 2K23.



Guard Up


It improves defensive attributes such as better lateral quickness, reaction time, and quicker feet. When equipped, the badge increases the user's on-ball defense while providing extra help when needed. The badge allows its user to anticipate opponents' movements better and quickly react to them. 


Guard Up is especially useful for point guards and shooting guards who must stay close to their opponents to prevent them from driving to the basket or shooting open jumpers. Additionally, the badge helps players guard multiple opponents at once, allowing them to be more effective defenders. Guard Up can be unlocked by reaching Hall of Fame Level 15 and is one of the most valuable badges for defensive-minded players.



Limitless Range


It allows players to make shots with greater accuracy from any distance, even beyond the three-point arc. When equipped, this badge reduces the penalty on long-range shots, resulting in more made threes and a higher overall shooting percentage. 

With Limitless Range activated, you'll be able to confidently make shots from anywhere on the court. This badge is best suited for players who have a good understanding of the game and can read the defense well enough to pull up from deep. It's also great for players who have a lightning-quick release and can get off shots quickly. If you want to take your shooting game to the next level, equip the Limitless Range badge and dominate from beyond the arc.



Middy Magician


This badge increases the chances of making a mid-range shot after a pump fake, allowing more deceptive shots to surprise your opponents. When equipped, Middy Magician adds +3 to your mid-range shooting attributes, giving you a better chance at hitting those tough jump shots. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of the ball being blocked when attempting these shots. 

With this badge, you'll be able to hit those off-balance shots and make your opponents question their defensive strategies. Whether catching and shooting or using a pump fake, Middy Magician will increase your chances of making that mid-range shot.



Slippery Off-Ball


It increases players' ability to break away from their defender off the ball. This badge gives players more freedom to manoeuvre and create space on offense, making it easier to get an open shot or layup. It also helps them stay with their man if their opponent tries to make a cut or back door.


It's a great badge for players who like running around screens or taking quick first steps when catching the ball. Slippery Off-Ball makes it harder for defenders to stay in front of them and gives them the edge they need to score.



Space Creator


This badge rewards players who excel at creating space for their teammates. It increases the user's ball-handling, passing, and shooting range. When fully upgraded, this badge can give you an extra speed boost when driving to the basket or passing the ball. It also improves your overall court vision, allowing you to make better decisions with the ball. 

Space Creator best suits players who like to create plays and have a good feel for the game. With Space Creator, you can become an even more dangerous offensive threat and make it easier to set up your teammates for success.



Volume Shooter


This badge is a great addition to any player's arsenal. It increases the number of points scored by shooting from outside more frequently. Players with this badge will be able to hit more shots from deep, making them a threat on the court. The badge also boosts shot percentage and accuracy when shooting from midrange. This badge is best suited for players looking to become an elite shooters from all over the court. 

With the Volume Shooter badge, players can create space for themselves and their teammates and open up lanes for drives to the basket. This badge is handy for sharpshooters and stretch 4s who need to be able to hit shots from beyond the arc.


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