NBA 2K23 Finishing Badges Guide: Tests & Analysis

Are you an avid NBA 2K23 gamer looking to take your finishing skills to the next level? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide detailed tests and analysis of all the new NBA 2K23 Finishing Badges. Learn how to effectively use each badge and unlock their potential to gain a competitive edge in the game. Improve your shot creation, dribbling, layups and dunks with this step-by-step guide to mastering the art of NBA 2K23's Finishing Badges.





It increases the player's ability to hang in the air and finish off tough layups. This Badge also allows players to remain in control during mid-air manoeuvres and make difficult shots seem easy. The Acrobat badge gives players an edge in contested shots, allowing them to get off their shots easily. It is a great badge for any player who likes to attack the basket and needs more confidence on their drives to the hoop. 


Acrobat badge requires three tiers of badges to unlock, each increasing the Badge's effectiveness. Tier 1 unlocks the base effects of Acrobat, while Tier 2 amplifies the effects and grants additional benefits. Finally, Tier 3 unlocks the highest level of Acrobat, granting further boosts to the player. Players must complete various actions such as layups, contact dunks, driving floaters, and more to obtain the Acrobat badge. Once these tasks are completed, the Badge can be unlocked and applied to the player's character. 


Acrobat badge is an incredibly useful tool for any player who loves to attack the basket. With its added mid-air control and improved shot accuracy, Acrobat allows players to become more efficient scorers and increase their overall offensive output. Unlocking this Badge is a surefire way to give your player an edge over their opponents.



Aerial Wizard

It can be earned by players who are great at finishing off the dribble in mid-air. This Badge increases the chances of hitting shots from difficult angles and can be extremely beneficial for players who specialize in attacking the basket. To qualify for Aerial Wizard, players must have 75+ layups, dunks and shot close ratings. The Badge also increases the effectiveness of Euro steps, jump hooks, runners, and floaters. 


Furthermore, it provides an additional boost to the ability to make contact shots, which can help players get past their opponents more easily. Players with the Aerial Wizard badge are rewarded with increased shooting accuracy and a greater chance to finish off drives with a high-percentage shot.



Backdown Punisher

This Badge increases a player's ability to draw offensive fouls by increasing their strength and awareness when going up against an opponent in a backdown situation. It also gives the player bonus points for successful backdown attempts. When active, Backdown Punisher makes it easier for a player to get position on an opponent and make them vulnerable to being drawn into a foul. 


Backdown Punisher is especially effective when combined with other post-up badges like Drop Stepper, Post Spin Technician, and Dream Shake. With this Badge, players can gain an edge over their opponents in the paint and create more scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.




It rewards players for being aggressive and taking control of the game. This Badge increases the user's ability to draw contact from defenders and be successful when driving to the basket. It also gives the user an advantage when going for offensive rebounds and helps them create more separation from their defender when attacking the rim. 


Bully is best used by players who rely on physicality and strength, such as power forwards and centers, to get the job done. With the Bully badge, players can use their size and strength to dominate opponents and create space for themselves to get easy shots off.



Dream Shake

This Badge gives players the ability to perform a devastating step-back jump shot. This Badge allows players to throw off defenders nearby and create space to get off the shot. Dream Shake also increases the chances of players making shots from difficult angles and far away distances, as well as giving them a higher probability of getting And-1s on their shots. 


The Badge is unlocked by reaching the Hall of Fame level in MyCareer and will be available for MyPlayers in every tier. With this Badge, players can become a master of the move and use it to their advantage in games.




This Badge provides significant bonuses to dribbling and ball-handling. It increases the speed of crossover moves and responsiveness when changing direction, making it one of the most sought-after badges for point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards. With the Dropstepper Badge, players can make quick, sharp cuts and take advantage of defenders who try to overplay them on the perimeter. 


It also boosts players' ability to perform ball fakes, spin moves, and hesitation dribbles, allowing them to get past their opponents easily. The Dropstepper Badge is a great way to give your players an edge on the offence, allowing them to create space and score more effectively.



Fast Twitch

It boosts the athletic ability of a player. This includes increases in speed, acceleration, and vertical jump. It also gives them an edge on fast breaks and allows them to get to the basket quicker. With Fast Twitch, players can move faster, jump higher, and make quick cuts. The Badge is especially useful for guards, who benefit most from these abilities. 


The levels of Fast Twitch range from Bronze to Hall of Fame. Speed, acceleration, and vertical jump will increase as you upgrade through the levels. At the Hall of Fame level, you'll have the maximum increase in these attributes and be able to dominate the court. 


Fast Twitch is a key badge to consider when putting together a team, as it boosts players' athleticism. It can be a great way to give your team an advantage over others and help you stay ahead of the competition. You'll be unstoppable on the court with the right mix of players and badges.



Fearless Finisher

It increases the likelihood of successful layups and dunks driving to the basket while contested by a defender. The Badge has five levels, each adding boost to the player's layup/dunk success rate. At the Hall of Fame (HOF) level, Fearless Finisher gives players a +42% boost in their success rate when attempting these shots, making them much more likely to score. 


Fearless Finisher is particularly useful for smaller players who may not have the size and strength to overpower bigger defenders. Additionally, it's great for players who are strong finishers but could be better dribblers. With Fearless Finisher, they can drive to the basket and still have a good chance of scoring. Overall, Fearless Finisher is a must-have badge for any player who wants to increase their success rate at the rim. It is a great addition to any build that scores or attacks the basket.



Giant Slayer

It grants players bonus points when scoring on shots taken against taller defenders. The Badge gives better rewards the bigger the difference in defender size, so it's great for smaller players who like to take it to the rim. 


Giant Slayer also helps to create more variety in shot selection and allows players to become better playmakers. This Badge is unlocked at the Hall of Fame level and requires 15 badge points to upgrade.



Limitless Takeoff

This Badge is a dynamic badge that provides players with additional power when they take off from the ground. This Badge will increase the player's vertical, giving them the advantage to get higher above the rim and dunk or block shots more effectively. With this Badge, players can maximize their jumping ability and gain an edge over their opponents. 


Additionally, players with the Limitless Takeoff badge can burst out of the blocks faster, giving them the edge in fast-break situations. This Badge is great for any player who wants to take off quicker and higher, allowing themselves to score more efficiently.




It allows players to combine the ability to shoot off-the-dribble with the ability to finish at the rim. In other words, it gives players the ability to become more of a hybrid scorer by combining the best attributes of both shooting and driving. 


Players who have unlocked the Masher badge can use it to gain an edge over their opponents. It allows them to become more versatile on offence, making them a harder player to guard. Whether they prefer to drive to the hoop or pull up for a quick shot, having the Badge unlocks the ability to do both effectively.



Post Spin Technician

This Badge allows players to successfully execute post moves after performing a spin move, resulting in more efficient scoring opportunities. With this Badge, players can perform spin moves near the basket without losing control of the ball or having it stolen by defenders. 


Post Spin Technicians will also have an increased chance of making shots under pressure from their opponents. This Badge is especially useful for players who like to drive to the basket and create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.




This Badge is a must-have for any player looking to be the king of the court. This Badge increases the effectiveness of your dunks, allowing you to throw down vicious slams easily. With the Posterizer Badge, you'll be able to posterize opposing players and force them to watch as you soar above the rim. 


Posterizer badge also allows you to finish shots at the rim through contact, giving you a huge edge over your opponents. Whether playing in the park or taking it to the Pro-Am courts, the Posterizer Badge will give you the edge you need to dominate the competition.



Pro Touch

It gives players an edge in shooting and finishing around the rim. With this Badge, players will have improved dribble moves and the ability to pull up quickly off the dribble. This makes it easier for players to get to the basket or create space to shoot jump shots. 


Pro Touch badge also increases the chances of making difficult layups and contested shots. Players with this Badge will be able to stay in control while driving to the hoop, and they will be more accurate with their shots. Pro Touch is great for players looking to become better finishers and scorers in the game.



Rise Up

It allows players to increase their offensive and defensive abilities to gain an edge over their opponents. This Badge is earned by completing various tasks and challenges throughout game modes, such as MyCareer, MyTeam, Pro-Am, and more. With the Rise Up Badge, players can increase their overall ratings and be more competitive in head-to-head matchups. 


Rise Up also offers bonuses such as improved shot attempts, post-play, and better dribbling and passing. For those looking to get an advantage over their competition, the Rise Up Badge is an essential tool for success.




It allows players to snake their way through opponents and easily finish at the rim. The Badge increases speed and acceleration when driving, so players can make quick and effective cuts to the basket. Players will also have a better chance of avoiding contact while driving, making it easier to get to the rim. 


With Slithery equipped, you'll be able to embarrass defenders and put on a show with your slick dribble moves. So if you're looking to take your game to the next level, look no further than the Slithery Badge.


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