NBA 2K23 Patch 5: Explore The New Changes and Improvements

NBA 2K23 has just released Patch 5 for Season 5, which includes several changes affecting casual and competitive players. This patch will positively impact the game, from improved visuals and court floors to rebalanced shooting mechanics to a brand-new shoulder stripe honouring play-by-play announcer Bill Shawn Lee. With these changes, players should have a more enjoyable and smoother experience playing NBA2K23.



Fixing Outdated Hairstyles, Adding Bill Shawn Lee and Bill Russell 6 Logo to Rosters

For the general changes, they addressed an issue that would cause outdated hairstyles to appear when editing a player in the Create Roster menu. This was a small issue, but ensuring the players looked as accurate as possible was important. They also added a shoulder stripe honouring play-by-play announcer Bill Shawn Lee to the Portland Trail Blazers uniform. In addition, they added the Bill Russell 6 logo to the City Courts for the Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers.



Adjust the Shooting Model and Fix Foul Logic and VC Reward Issues

They adjusted the shooting model for gameplay to reduce the frequency of made low-percentage shots and missed high-percentage shots. This significant change could affect how you play the game, as it could make it harder to green contested shots. They also fixed an issue with transition foul logic that could cause intentional fouls not to be called when attempting passing animations. Plus, they fixed an issue that could cause incorrect NAB 2K23 VC amounts to be rewarded in Pro-Am and Rec games.



Improved Performance and Stability Enhance the MyCareer and The City Experience

For MyCareer and The City, they improved performance and stability to enhance the overall experience. They also resolved an issue that could prevent a playoff game from starting due to an active quest requirement. Plus, they added back the ability to access the phone and 2KTV menus while in Got Next spots.



Unlimited Tournament Elimination Rounds and Diamond Card Colour Updates

For MyTeam, they updated the colour of Diamond cards and assets to make them more visually distinct from the Galaxy Opal cards. Preparations have also been made for the 250,000 MyTeam Unlimited Tournament elimination rounds on March 5th and 4th and the Finals on March 18th.



Randomized Player Attributes, Team Logo and Tattoo Colour Issues

For The W, they addressed an issue that could cause certain attributes for players and downloaded draft classes to become randomized. They also fixed a bug where the team logo and tattoo colour options weren't correctly applied.




Overall, this patch brings a lot of much-needed changes and improvements to NBA 2K23. While it's not a complete overhaul of the game, it addresses some of the most pressing issues and should make for a more enjoyable player experience.

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