NBA 2K23 Playmaking Badges Guide: Tests & Analysis

Welcome to the ultimate guide for NBA 2K23 players - the Playmaking Badge Test and Analysis Guide! This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to understand and maximize the effect of your playmaking badges in the game. We cover everything from identifying and equipping the best badges to using them effectively in game situations. With this guide, you'll have all the knowledge you need to become a master playmaker in NBA 2K23!





Ankle Breaker

It rewards players for effective dribbling and ball-handling. This badge boosts players' ability to perform crossovers, spin moves, and other fancy footwork, giving them an edge over their opponents. When a player with this badge successfully performs a flashy move, it has a greater chance of breaking the ankles of their defender, causing them to stumble off balance. 


Additionally, Ankle Breaker increases players' speed when performing these moves, giving them a greater advantage on the court. With this badge, ball handlers can become even more unpredictable and gain the upper hand in any one-on-one matchup.



Bail Out

This badge is a great way to help you get out of difficult situations and make smart decisions on the court. It allows players to read the situation and make the correct pass or shot to keep the ball moving and help their team succeed. 

Bail Out will reward you for making the smart play rather than forcing up a bad shot or trying to take on too many defenders. With this badge, your teammates will have more confidence in your ability to make the right decision, which can lead to better team chemistry and success.



Break Starter

This badge boosts the speed of a player's first Step, allowing them to take advantage of open lanes and make it easier to beat their opponents off the dribble. It also makes it easier for players to get by defenders and create space for themselves. Players can quickly get past defenders, set up plays, or drive to the basket with this badge. 

Break Starter is especially helpful for players looking to be more aggressive on offense and get to the basket quickly. It will also help those who often find themselves stuck in traffic and need a way to break away from defenders quickly. Break Starter is a great badge for any player looking to take their game to the next level.



Clamp Breaker

It increases the chances of getting past defenders when dribbling. When equipped, it gives players a higher chance to break ankles and move around defenders with greater ease. 

Clamp Breaker also reduces the fatigue received from dribbling, allowing players to keep their energy up for longer periods. This badge is handy for players who like to dribble a lot, like point guards and shooting guards. With Clamp Breaker, they can make more aggressive moves and get by their opponents with greater success.




This badge rewards players who can knock down shots off the dribble and with a defender closing out. This badge increases a player's shooting percentage when they are on the move and have a defender within two feet.

At each tier, the bonus shooting percentage increase offered by the badge increases. For example, at the Bronze level, the bonus shooting percentage increase is 3%, while at the Grand Badge level, it is 18%. Players must meet certain requirements to unlock each tier of the Dimer badge. These requirements include making a certain number of shots off the dribble and with a defender within two feet and having a certain shooting percentage in those situations.

Overall, the Dimer badge helps players become adept at shooting off the dribble under pressure. It rewards these players with a bonus shooting percentage and allows them to score more efficiently in these situations.



Floor General

This badge allows players to run the offense and make quicker decisions. This badge increases the player's ability to handle the ball, allowing them to make faster passes and better read the defense. 

Floor General also provides players with enhanced dribbling, shooting, and layup abilities while transitioning. Floor Generals are invaluable assets to any team, as they can set up their teammates for easy shots and facilitate offensive plays. This badge is especially useful for Point Guards and other ball-handlers, as it helps them take control of the game and be more effective playmakers.



Handles For Days

It boosts ball handling and the ability to perform dribble moves with ease. This badge increases the chances of successful crossovers, between-the-legs, and behind-the-back dribbles. It also reduces the time needed to complete dribble moves and the likelihood of losing control of the ball when performing them. 

With Handles For Days, players can break ankles and create space more frequently. Additionally, this badge increases the effect of certain dribble moves like hesitation and step-backs. Having Handles For Days will give even the most novice player an edge on the court.




It increases a player's speed and acceleration when attacking the basket. It allows them to blow by defenders and make it to the rim with ease. This badge is especially helpful for smaller guards who are looking to get to the rim quickly and players who need to get around screens quickly on defense. 

Hyperdrive also has the added benefit of helping your player stay in control when driving the lane, reducing their chances of losing the ball or getting called for travelling. With this badge, you'll be able to make quick moves to the hoop and finish confidently.



Killer Combos

This badge allows players to create explosive plays and take control of the game. Killer Combos are ideal for separating the offensive and defensive players, allowing players to make difficult shots or passes easily. 


With the combination of two or more badges, players will gain access to new abilities that can give them an edge over their opponents. From improved dribbling to enhanced shooting, Killer Combos provide an extra layer of depth and strategy to the game. Unlocking these badges requires grinding and dedication, but the rewards are worth it for those who take the time to master them.



Mismatch Expert

It increases players' ability to take advantage of mismatches when attacking the basket. It boosts the player's shooting, layup and dunk success rate when they have a size or strength mismatch. The badge is earned by hitting shots while being defended by a larger opponent multiple times in one game. The more shots taken, the quicker the badge can be achieved. 


Mismatch Expert can be incredibly useful for players who are smaller and weaker than their opponents, allowing them to exploit the mismatch and score easily. This badge can help players compensate for any physical disadvantages and become a mismatch nightmare for their opponents.



Needle Threader

This badge increases the chances of hitting a shot after a successful knockdown. It rewards players with a high success rate on their shots after a pump fake, hop step, or other shot-creating moves. With this badge equipped, players can create more space for themselves and find better looks from behind the arc. 

Needle Threader is best suited for players who rely heavily on their shooting ability, such as sharpshooters and traditional small forwards. With the Needle Threader badge equipped, players can expect an increase in their shooting percentage in certain situations.



Post Playmaker

It helps players who excel at playmaking from the post. It rewards players with better passing out of the post and improved ability to draw double teams in the post. This badge also improves the player's ball-handling skills when in the post, making them more difficult to guard. 


With Post Playmaker, players can create open looks for their teammates or score easily in the paint when needed. Players who have earned this badge have a better understanding of how to read the defense and make smart decisions when attacking the post.



Quick First Step

It increases the speed and agility of a player when they change direction or accelerate. It is a great tool for players who like to attack the defense off the dribble or need to get around their defender to score quickly. The badge increases a player's lateral quickness, allowing them to make explosive direction changes without losing speed. It also improves acceleration when moving forward or backwards. 

Players with this badge can blow by defenders with ease and create separation to finish at the basket. Additionally, it gives them an advantage when contesting shots and defending pick-and-rolls. Quick First Step is a valuable asset for any player looking to have the edge over the competition.



Special Delivery

This badge increases the player's ability to provide timely passes and assists. It also increases their passing accuracy when making difficult passes that require precision. The badge is unlocked by completing certain challenges in MyCareer or can be purchased from the badge store in the MyPlayer customization menu. 


Special Delivery gives players an edge when playing in a team setting, allowing them to make more accurate passes and set up teammates for easier baskets. With this badge, players can look to move the ball quickly and accurately to get their teammates open shots in transition or on the perimeter.




It provides gamers with an extra edge to their gaming experience. These badges are a special type of badge that cannot be earned through regular gameplay, and they are designed to give players an advantage in shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. With these badges, users can increase the accuracy of shots, reduce the time needed to make passes, and even gain access to special moves that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

Unpluckable badges also come with unique animations and sound effects, making them stand out from the rest. With these badges, users can customize their gaming experience, giving them an edge over opponents.



Vice Grip

It gives the user an extra boost when it comes to ball handling. With this badge, users will have improved dribbling control and be able to manoeuvre around defenders with greater ease. This badge also helps the user to maintain possession of the ball better during physical contact or when fighting for a loose ball. 


Vice Grip allows for slick manoeuvres such as crossovers, behind-the-backs, spins, and hesitation moves. It is a great tool for guards and wings who love to drive the lane and make quick decisions on the court.


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