Ranking the Best Takeover Abilities in NBA 2K23 for Your Builds

Discover the most powerful takeovers in NBA 2K23 with our guide! Here, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of each of the 24 available takeovers, helping you decide which best suits your playstyle. We analyze all 24 and rank them from worst to best, so you can maximize your game performance.




Tier List of 24 Takeovers

C-Tier takeovers

To start, we will look at the C-Tier takeovers. First, we have Post Playmaking, which boosts your teammate's offensive abilities when passing out of the post moves. This takeover isn't the worst, but it only offers a little benefit. Next, we have Power Backdowns, a post-takeover that lets you back down just about any defender. This takeover can be decent, but there are better post-takeovers available. 

We also have the Enhanced Jump Shot Contest, which greatly boosts your shot contest against perimeter jump shots. This takeover is basic and won't help you much. Glass Clearing Dimes allows you to pass the ball, while Team Takeover Boost increases the progress of your teammate's takeover meters. 

Interior Badge Drop Lowers the opponent's offensive badges by one level when approaching the opponent on the perimeter. This is like the Menace badge, but it drops badge levels instead of attributes. Spot Up Precision boosts stationary jump shots, and See The Future helps you predict where the ball is going. 


C Tier: 

  • 1. Power Backdowns 
  • 2. Enhanced Jump Shot Contest 
  • 3. Glass Cleaning Dimes 
  • 4. Interior Badge Drop 
  • 5. Post Playmaking 
  • 6. Advanced Gathers
  • 7. Team Takeover Boost


B-Tier takeovers

For our B-Tier takeovers, we have Stuff Blocks, which unlocks better animations and gives you access to grab and swap blocks and backboard pins. Post Shot Daggers greatly boost post hooks, fades, up and under shimmies, and hop shots. Perimeter Badge Drop is like the Menace badge but drops badge levels instead of attributes.

Team Badge Boost offers a temporary boost to the offensive abilities of your team's badges when a pass is made. This enhanced performance can help your team gain momentum and succeed in the match. Advanced Gathers helps you beat defenders with post spins, fakes, drives, and clearouts. Finishing Moves helps you absorb and finish through contact on layups, dunks and alley-oops. Ankle Breaking Shots increases the likelihood of dropping defenders, stepping back, and spinning jumpers. 


B Tier: 

  • 1. Stuff Blocks 
  • 2. Post Shot Daggers 
  • 3. Perimeter Badge Drop 
  • 4. Spot Up Precision 
  • 5. See The Future 
  • 6. Team Badge Boost 
  • 7. AnkleBreaking Shots 


A-Tier takeovers

We have Advanced Post Moves for our A-Tier takeovers, which makes it easier to beat defenders with post spins, fakes, drives, and clearouts. This takeover is one of the most frustrating to defend when used properly. We also have Extreme Clamps, which stonewall ball handlers into more force stops, pickups, and fumbles. Pull Up Precision boosts well-timed jump shots taken off the dribble, and Negative Impact reduces the impact of shotgun tests against pull-ups, step back and spin shots.


A Tier: 

  • 1. Advanced Post Moves 
  • 2. Finishing Moves 
  • 3. Extreme Clamps 
  • 4. Pull Up Precision 
  • 5. Negative Impact 


S-Tier takeovers

Finally, we have Limitless Range for our S-Tier takeovers, which extends your shooting ability beyond the three-point line. Easy Blowbys enhance the ability to drive by defenders and make it easier to get to the rim. Team Rating Boost greatly boosts your teammates' offensive abilities for some time. Paint Intimidation delivers a severe penalty to every contested shot taken in the paint, and Box Out Wall allows you to block out stronger players and swim around them to secure more rebounds. 


S Tier: 

  • 1. Limitless Range 
  • 2. Easy Blowbys 
  • 3. Team Rating Boost 
  • 4. Paint Intimidation 
  • 5. Box Out Wall 



This analysis shows that the different takeovers available in the 2K23 game can greatly affect a player's play style and overall efficiency. The post-playmaking takeover is the least effective, while the team ratings boost, glass-clearing dimes, and box-out wall takeovers are the most effective. Each takeover offers different boosts and benefits, so choosing the one that best suits the player's playstyle and needs is important.

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