Top 5 Best Value Silver Badges in NBA 2K23

If you're playing NBA 2K23 and want to improve your players' performance without spending too many badge points, the Bronze and Silver badges are a great option. Earlier, we talked about the most effective Bronze badges. So in this list, we will look at the Top 5 Best Value Silver Badges and how they can significantly improve a player's abilities.



Fast Twitch (Finishing Badge)

Fast Twitch is a silver badge that provides a 10 increase in speed when going for standing dunks and close shots. This badge is mainly for taller players with close shot and standing dunk abilities. The 75 close shot threshold for silver fast Twitch is a nice sweet spot for performance price.

While each badge level sees a fairly linear increase, the attributes needed to unlock this badge on silver are far more attainable than the higher levels. It can be a tier 2 badge, making it affordable for most players.


Catch and Shoot (Shooting Badge)

Catch and Shoot is a great badge to keep on silver as a spot-up shooter. You'll see a 5-make increase on your catch-and-shoot shots, and since these are already fairly easy to hit, you don't need this badge on the highest level.

Most builds don't have a 93 3-pointer, making the hall of fame not worth using since it can't stack with them in this range. This badge boosts the gold level, with the middle make percentage being almost the same.


Limitless Range (Shooting Badge)

Limitless Range is a tier 3 badge for all builds, and while you may not see this badge provide much of an effect at the bronze level, you'll start to feel the power of Range Extender when you get it to silver. It shows a make percentage of over 50% in the middle of the green window, and when combined with your other badges, that type of shot will be more than hittable.

Of course, gold is great, and the hall of fame is insane, but the extra seven or more attributes you need to spend on your three-point rating will be very costly when creating the rest of your build. Of course, if you go with the 92 3-point rating, you'll be using gold, but if you want to make a more well-rounded build, an 85 3-point rating with a silver Limitless Range can work well.


Agent 3 (Shooting Badge)

Agent 3 is one of the best silver badges in the game if you're taking any dribble, pull-up, stop, and pop or rhythm shooter shots. The 83 3-point rating needed to unlock this badge is the perfect threshold to be a good shooter in any situation.

The booster makes percentage on bronze ranges around one to 2%, which won't be noticeable by any means, but as you get to silver, the boost range is anywhere from five to 8%  in the middle of the green window, and that's the type of boost you should be able to feel. This badge can be used effectively on any build at any height, but at 6'11" and up, it becomes tier 1, making it extremely valuable when making a versatile stretch.


Clutch Shooter (Shooting Badge)

Clutch Shooter is a badge we had not yet put much stock into early on, but it can provide some decent value after playing with this badge for a little bit. It's a tier 1 badge for players 6'10" and below and tier 2 for players 6'11" and up. The 69 three-point ratings are needed.



These are the best-value silver badges in NBA 2K23. They provide a significant boost to your player's abilities, and they are affordable. They are a great option for players who want to spend less on badges but still want to improve their player performance. Keep in mind the tier levels for each badge and their requirements.

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