Ranking NBA 2K23 Takeovers: The Ultimate Tier List for Your Builds

Welcome, where we give you the lowdown on the 24 different 2K23 Takeovers featured in the game. We'll review each Takeover and rank them from worst to best, with examples of what each Takeover looks like in action. If you're looking for the final tier list, you can skip to the end for the verdict. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of NBA 2K23 Takeovers!




Tier S

Limitless Range

We have a limitless range, which is my favourite, and this Takeover is insane when it comes to shooting from a distance. This Takeover says that it extends your shooting, ability will be on the three-point line and even without the limitless range shooting badge you can shoot from just about anywhere in this clip I'm on my power forward, with only an 82 3 point and with this Takeover, I have no hesitation shooting these types of shots, which is why we have the limitless range in the s tier for our next Takeover. 


Easy Blowbys

Easy Blowbys is an amazing slashing takeover that enhances the ability to drive past defenders in NBA 2K23, making it just as effective as it was in NBA 2K18. With this Takeover, you can easily get to the rim and make successful blowbys for the first time. This Takeover is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for the easiest way to get to the rim.


Team Ratings Boost

Team Ratings Boost is a valuable S tier takeover that boosts your teammates' offensive abilities for some time. With this Takeover, your teammates can shoot with increased confidence, even in tough situations. Furthermore, the rating boost makes it easier to knock down contested shots, making it one of the most powerful takeovers available.


Paint Intimidation

Paint Intimidation is an S-Tier takeover that delivers a severe penalty for any contested shot taken in the paint. It is a much-improved version of the already powerful Anchor takeover. With Paint Intimidation, you can be sure that you will have a strong presence in the paint, making it difficult for opponents to score.


Boxout Wall

Boxout Wall is the perfect Takeover for rebounding. When activated, it allows players to block out stronger opponents and swim around them to grab more rebounds. It also provides a visual cue in the form of worm animations that help players see the Future and make better decisions. With Boxout Wall, you can gain an edge on the court and secure more rebounds than ever.



Tier A

Advanced Post Moves

The Advanced Post Moves Takeover is a must-have badge for post scorers. It makes it easier to beat defenders with post spins, fakes, drives, and clear outs, allowing you to get free buckets with the shove of a defender. This Takeover is one of the most frustrating to defend against, and its effectiveness justifies its A-tier placement.


Finishing Moves

Next, we have the finishing moves Takeover, this helps you absorb and finish through contact on layups, dunks and alley-oops. So, ideally, it will give you more contact, dunks, and easier finishes through contact, which may also help with acrobat finishes, but in a game where rim running rules, this Takeover makes for a decent option. If your main focus is to put someone on a poster, this isn't the best-slashing Takeover as we have one more to go over, but it is probably the second-best option and can work especially well. 


Extreme Clamps

The Extreme Clamps Takeover is the perfect choice for those who want to maximize their defensive play. It allows for easy contact with the offensive player, stonewalling ball handlers, halting pickups, and fumbles when the defender is nearby. This Takeover provides the best possible perimeter defense and is a great way to maximize defensive play.


Pull Up Precision

The Pull Up Precision takeover is an A-tier takeover perfect for those who enjoy shooting jump shots off the dribble. This Takeover significantly boosts well-timed fades, making them even more powerful. This Takeover is ideal for those who like to shoot off the dribble and make precision fades, allowing for an easier and more accurate shot.


Negative Impact

This Takeover is perfect for those who like to take aggressive shots off the dribble. It reduces the impact of shotgun tests against pull-ups, step-back, and spin shots. It is better than Blinders and Deadeye, making your shot attempt slightly more forgiving. This Takeover is in the A tier of our tier list and should be used by those looking to make the most of their shot attempts.



Tier B

Stuff Blocks

This Takeover gives you access to enhanced animations with the ability to grab, swap, backboard pins, and stuff blocks. Although it sounds powerful, it still requires you to be in the right position and successfully play defense to block shots.


Post Shot Daggers

Post Shot Daggers are the perfect Takeover for post scorers. This b-tier Takeover boost post hooks, fades, up and under shimmies and hop shots, making it a great choice for players who prefer to score from the post. It also offers more stopping power with less effort compared to other rim takeovers.


Perimeter Badge Drop

The Perimeter Badge Drop takeover is a great strategy to consider. It is in the B Tier and drops the opposition's offensive badges down a tier when they are near the perimeter. This Takeover is more effective than the Menace badge since it drops badge levels and can even drop badges by two levels. However, it only activates when you are closely guarding the opposition, thus limiting its effectiveness.


Spot Up Precision

This Takeover boosts well-timed stationary jump shots, making it easier to make the shot. It is a basic takeover and does not offer anything crazy, which is why it is categorized as a B-tier takeover. It is a great option for improving their catch and shoot skills. 


See The Future

See the Future Takeover is an old-school strategy that was popular in the 2Ks of the past but has since been toned down. While it can still be effective, it is considered in the B tier due to its limited application. For example, this clip demonstrates how the defender can be tested to force a miss, but even if the player knows where the ball is going, they can still be out-rebounded by someone already in position. Therefore, this Takeover does not guarantee success, which is why it is considered in the B tier.


Anklebreaking Shots

This Takeover is a great way to create highlight-reel shots, such as step-backs, spins and anklebreakers. While it used to be more effective in other editions of the game, it has been toned down in recent editions. However, it increases the likelihood of dropping defenders and creating opportunities for spectacular shots.


Team Badge Boost

Team Badge Boost is a Takeover in NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode that temporarily increases the effectiveness of your teammates' offensive badges. This Takeover is best utilized when playing with friends and can pass the ball to your teammates, as it is only activated after you have done so. It works especially well with Gold, Limitless Range, and Hall of Fame badges, allowing you to make some insane upgrades to your team's performance on the court.



Tier C

Post Playmaking

The Post Playmaking Takeover badge in NBA 2K boosts your teammate's offensive abilities when you pass them the ball from the post. It's a lower-tier badge that doesn't provide much of a boost compared to other takeovers, as shooting is already easy to do in the game. !


Power Backdowns

The C Tier Power Back Down is a post-takeover move that allows players to back down almost any defender. While not the most effective move to finish in the paint with, it is still useful and can be put into the B Tier. However, other post-takeovers are more suitable due to the wonky defence this year.


Enhanced Jumpshot

This C-tier Takeover is the worst of the Lockdown Takeovers, providing a large boost to your shot contest against Enhanced Jumpshot. It could be more effective on its own, but it could be a powerful tool in double Takeover with advanced post moves. The Challenger badge makes contested shots harder to hit, so that this Takeover can give you the edge.


Glass Clearing Dimes

Glass Clearing Dimes is a takeover in 2k that boosts your teammates' offensive abilities on kick outs and helps them throw successful outlet passes. It is the least effective Takeover regarding rebounding, but it can still help you make a difference on the court.


Team Takeover Boost

Team Takeover Boost is a feature that helps increase the Takeover meters of each of your teammates. When activated, each teammate's Takeover meter will progress faster, helping them get Takeover more quickly. This feature can be useful for bigger players who can easily get a Takeover by grabbing rebounds and throwing the outlet pass. Still, it can also be beneficial to an organized team. However, this feature is optional, as it is not too hard to get Takeover without it.


Advanced Gathers

This Takeover is an ideal solution for players who want to use Euros spins and hops on their way to the rim. It can work well in certain scenarios, but other takeovers, such as finishing moves and easy blowbys, may be better options if you want to take advantage of the situation. 


Interior Badge Drop

Interior Badge Drop is an advanced technique that requires skill and finesses to execute correctly. It's a niche move that is less effective than other takeovers in the A and S tiers like Fast Twitch, Masher, or Drop Stepper. To counter this move, you need strength, knowledge of the material, and the ability to play your style. Therefore, Interior Badge Drop is placed in the C tier of takeovers.



This article provides a comprehensive tier list of the most effective takeovers in the game. It is important to remember that everyone's playstyle is different, so this list should be used as a guide and not a definitive ranking. 

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